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Kurusadai Island (4 km from Mandapam):
This island lies off the land of Ramanathapuram in the Gulf of Mannar. It is a Marine Biosphere, a paradise for marine biologists and nature lovers. Marine wealth here attracts many a scholar and researcher to this Island. The Fisheries Department gives permission to visit this Island. Off Kurusadai Island one could see plenty of coral reef and dolphins and sea-cows (Dugong). It is an ecotourism centre.

Indra Gandhi Bridge:
The 2.2 km long road bridge connecting Rameswaram Island and the Mainland is the longest bridge in India, constructed over a bay. It is also called Pamban Bridge. Similarly the Railway bridge connecting the island is noted for its unique mechanical opening to allow ships to pass through.

This is a coastal village located 19 km away from Rameswaram. Prior to 1914 when train service commenced from Mandapam to Rameswaram, pilgrims sailed by boats to reach Rameswaram. One can take boats from here to Kurusadai Group of Islands.

An ancient town, now the head-quarters of the district, Ramanathapuram has a unique history of its own. It was from here that the Sethupathis (chieftains) ruled this territory. One of the Sethupathi rulers supported the visit of Swamy Vivekananda to the conference of World Religion at Chicago. Ramalinga Vilasam Palace with beautiful paintings and the tomb of Thayumanaswamigal are the places in Ramanathapuram worth visiting. A museum here is another attraction.

Upoor is located 85 km from Rameswaram. There is a Vinayagar Temple here and it is said that Sri Rama worshipped the Vinayagar here on his way to Sri Lanka.

A coastal village 70 km away, also known as Navabashanam. The temple nearby is dedicated to Devi, who is said to have killed the demon Mahishasura at this spot. It is believed that Lord Rama worshipped Navagraha here. Pilgrims perform religious rites for their forefathers here.

The Vishnu temple situated here is a pilgrim centre where Hindus conduct their religious rites. It is about 75 km from Rameswaram.

Also called Dharbasayanam, the Vishnu Temple here, is dedicated to Lord Adi Jaganatha Perumal. It is 64 km from Rameswaram.

Uthirakosamangai is located 72 km from Rameswaram. 

There is an ancient Shiva Temple, where the presiding deity is carved in emerald. The temple is 592 ft east to west and 518 ft south to north. Saints Arunagirinathar and Manickavasagar visited this temple. The annual 'Arudhra' Darshan festival in December and Chitrai festival in June attract thousands of devotees.

Erwadi (79 km):
 The tomb of Sultan Ibrahim Syed Aulia who came from Arabia via Kannur (Cannanore) is about 800 years old. During the Santhanakoodu Festival, celebrated in February-March, a large number of pilgrims throng here. 

Kanchirankulam (80 km):
A Water Birds' Sanctuary is located here. Season: November to February.

A sea side village with a verdant beach and natural scenery.

Patham Priya koil is situated in the Thiruvetriyur in R.S Mangalam block of the district.

Nambunayagi Amman Temple:
This temple is held in high regard by devotees, and is situated 8 km from Rameswaram on the Dhanushkodi

Archaeological Site Museum, Gandhi Gallery, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute and Bio-Zoological Marine Exhibition, Mandapam

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