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Sights to See

Race Course Grounds
One of the most sought after tourist destination of Rajkot, the large Race Course Grounds with Bal Bhavan, Children's Traffic Park, Fun World, and sports facilities, is a favourite haunt of people. The place allows the visitors to spend their leisure time with family and friends.

Aji Dam
The Aji Dam has a step garden with an amusement park for children, a zoo, an aviary and a crocodile park. The place captivates children in a large number.

Watson Museum
Located in the Jubilee Gardens, this museum has a collection of archaeological artefacts. It remains closed on Wednesdays and public holidays.

Ishwariya Temple
One of the prime attractions for the tourists who visit Rajkot, the Ishwariya Temple is thronged

by the spiritual seekers in large number. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the shrine is located near a village named Madhapur.

Kabe Gandhino Delo

The ancestral home of Mahatma Gandhi offers a pictorial tour of his life. His father Karamchand Gandhi lived here when he was appointed the Diwan of Rajkot State. Located just off the busy Gheekantha Road, it is open 6 days a week from 0900-1200 hrs & 1500-1700 hrs.

Lal Pari Lake
Located in the lap of nature, Lal Pari Lake is visited for its beautiful lake that captivates picnickers in a large number. The place is haven for avian population that include both local and migratory ones. Some of the species of birds that are found here include rosy pastor, black tailed godwit, pheasant tailed jacan, wigeon, purple moor hen, pelican, common teal and spoon bill.

Founded by Mahatma Gandhi, the place is closely associated with India’s struggle for freedom. It imparts education and vocational training to the students.

Ramakrishna Mutt
Another highlight of a tour to Rajkot, Ramakrishna Mutt is known for picture-perfect tranquillity and solitude. People visiting here can explore the different facets of the life of Shri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, showcased in a permanent exhibition on display.

Bangdi Bazar
Located in the old part of the city, this market has a vast array of embroidered fabrics, beadwork, bandhnis and readymade bangles in every shape, form and colour giving the market the apt title of Bangdi Bazaar.

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