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Morbi (78 km):
A pretty riverside town, it was once the wealthiest town in Saurashtra. It is famous today for its clocks, tiles and ceramics.

Gondal (38 km):
One of the most progressive towns amongst the erstwhile princely states of Saurashtra, it is famous for its two temples - Aksharpuroshottam and Bhuwaneshwari Devi.

If you want to dwell deeper into the spiritual mystery, then Virpur, a pilgrim destination in Gujarat, is place to be. It is famous for its Jalaram Temple. Khambalida near Virpur is home to Buddhist relics.

Tarnetar (75 km):
Tarnetar is famous for the Trinetreswar Temple, which comes alive during the annual fair held here, beginning on the fourth day of the  first half of Bhadrapada month (Ganesh Chaturthi day).  It is one of the most colourful fairs where till today boys and girls meet and marriages are arranged between them at the fair itself. One can see authentic folk dances and theatre, in addition to the local costumes and handicrafts at this fair.

Bhid Bhanjan (60 km):
One of the popular excursions from Rajkot, this place is famous for its Jain temples replete with intricate carvings.

Wankaner (50 km):
A former princely state, it has a beautiful palace and a temple.

Manas Mandir (14 km):
A famous sacred destination, this is the site of the Ramdev Pir temple.

Jadeshwar (60 km):
This is famous for being the place where one of the most venerated and beautiful shrines is located and is worth visiting.

Hingolgadh Nature Sanctuary (80 km):
Situated in the Rajkot district, 10 km. from Jasdan, this sanctuary is famous for migratory birds like the Kunj and Flamingo and occupies an area of 6.54 sq. km. An old fort belonging to the erstwhile princely state of Jasdan adds charm to the place. Gondal, 32 km away is the nearest railhead.

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