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Bhilai (24 Km):
It is an industrial township which has one of the biggest steel plants in India.

Arang (34 Km):
Situated on the Raipur-Sambalpur National Highway, Arang is famous for its temples, the main one being an 11th century Jain temple.

Durg (39 Km):
It is a district headquarters and an industrial town.

Rajim (47 Km):
Rajim on the river Mahanadi is a pilgrim center, famous for its fine group of temples. It is situated near the confluence of 3 rivers Pairi, Sondur & Mahanadi. The main temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu known as Rajivalochana. The other important temples in Rajim include, Kuleshwar Mahadev Temple and Rajeshwar Temple.

Champaran (60 Km via Arang):

This town is identified with Champaranya, the birth place of Saint Vallabhacharya, the reformer and founder of the Vallabh Sect. There are two important temples here, dedicated to Saint Vallabhacharya and Champakeshwara Mahadeva. An annual fair is held here in the month of Magh (Jan/Feb). The birth anniversary of the saint is celebrated on the eleventh bright day of Baisakh (April/May).

Sirpur or Shirpur (78 Km):
Erstwhile capital of the Sarbhapuriya and Somavanshi Kings of Dakshin Kosala or Chhatisgarh, it was an important Buddhist centre from the 06th to 10th century A.D. and was visited by Hieun Tsang, the Chinese scholar in the 7th century. Excavations in and around the town have yielded scores of temple sites with extremely good Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Sculptures. Places of interest in Sirpur include, Anand Premkuti Vihar, Chandi Temple, Gandheshwara Temple, Lakshmana Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Radha Krishna Temple, Ram Temple, Swastik Vihar Monastery, etc. Accommodation: PWD Rest House, Kosaria Patel Samaj Dharamasala and Nai Dharamsala.

Turturiya (99 Km):
This place is of great archaeological and anthropological interest and is located 24 Km from Sirpur.

Kawardha (116 Km):
Kawardha has been connected with the Kabir panth movement. Old Kawardha has the remains of a fort built by King Rajpal Singh.

Bhoramdeo (131 Km):
It is refered to as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. It is 18 Kms from Kawardha & 133 Kms from Rajnandgaon. The Bhoramdeo temple scenically situated amidst mountain ranges is dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built in the Nagar style during the period between 7th-11th century AD. The temples were built by King Ramchandra of the Nag Dynasty and have a special attraction for lovers of history and archaeology. At a distance of 5 Km in the palaces of Manwa and Madanmanjari one can see beautifully carved erotic sculptures similar to those in Khajuraho.

Ratanpur (136 Km):

Situated 25 Km from Bilaspur, at one time, this ancient city was the capital of the Kalchuri Kings. The famous Mahamaya temple, the ruins of a fort and the Kadeideol Shiva temple dating back to the 12th century can be seen here.

Kanker (140 Km):
Formerly a princely state, the palace here has partially been converted into a hotel (Email: This place offers an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the tribal culture of this region.

Lutrasheriff (143 Km):
Located 32 Km from Bilaspur, Lutrasheriff is an important pilgrim center for Muslims which has the tomb of Hazarat Baba Sayyed, a Muslim saint.

Champa (159 Km):
The largest town of Janjgir District, situated on the banks of the river Hasdeo, Champa is the most famous center for the Tussar silk or “Kosa” weaving industry.

Malhar (159 Km):
It is situated in the Bilaspur district and is 32 Kms from Bilaspur railway station (via Masturi village). This place is important from the archaeological point of view and several Hindu and Jain temples belonging to the period between 200 BC to 14th Century AD, were unearthed here.

Keskal (168 Km):
Keskal is a scenic spot and offers a spectacular view of the valley below.

Girodhpuri (191 Km):
It is the birth place of saint Tulsidas and an important pilgrim center of the Satnami Samaj. Girodhpuri is 12 Km from Seorinarayan and 80 Km from Bilaspur.

Seorinarayan ( 206 Km):
Situated 64 Km from Bilaspur, Seorinarayan is associated with the legend of Lord Ram and Shabri. This is also the place where the rivers Mahanadi and Shivnath meet. There are many temples of Kalchuri style here one of which belongs to the 10th/11th century. It is a very important religious center and is considered by some to be even more sacred than the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri.

Khairagarh (140 Kms):
It is famous for Indira Kala and Sangeet University. It is 40 Kms from Dongargarh. About 30 Kms from here is Gandai Shiva temple which belongs to 13th century.

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