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Sights to See

Sri Jagannath Temple
The sacred city Puri is widely known all over the world for the magnificent temple of Mahaprabhu Jagannath, the Lord of the World. The temple stands majestically in the centre of the city, which was built in the 12th -13th Century AD by Chodaganga Deva. Being the tallest temple (65 metres) in Odisha, it is one of the most magnificent pieces of monuments of India. In front of the main gate stands a 16 sided monolithic pillar (11 metres high), called Aruna Stambha which formally stood in front of the Sun Temple and was brought to Puri during the 18th century AD. The Eastern main entrance is guarded by two stone lions and is called the Lion Gate. There is a pillar crowned by an image of the Garuda. The gates on the other sides are flanked by statues of men on horseback, tigers and elephants respectively. Hence the name Tiger Gate, and elephant Gate. Apart from the main temple one can see within its precincts a host of other smaller temples including Asta Sambhu and Asta Chandi, Goddess Vishnu and innumerable Gods and Goddesses and the Ananada Bazaar, Snanab.

Gundicha Temple
This temple is known as ‘Janak Puri’ because here, according to Puranic legend, the King Indradyumna performed the sacrifices and the Lords, Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra Sudarsana appeared on the altar. During the car festival Lords spend nine days and there after they go back to their own Temple.

Purusottam Kshetra Puri has been said to be great ‘Bada’ i.e Bada danda, Mahapradad, Mahadipa, Mohodadhi, Bada panda, Bada thakura (deity), etc. Any body, therefore, who dies here straight goes to heaven and attains salvation ’MUKTI’.

Narendra Sarovar

This is the biggest pond at Puri. Here the Chandan Yatra of Lords is celebrated every year. In summer, this Yatra has unique importance.

This is a sacred pond. It is believed, there is an internal connection between Swetaganga and River Ganga

Other Places
Sidha Vakula, Dakhinakalika temple, Syamakali & Astasambhu, Kabir Chhata, The Famous Govardhana Matha, Manikarnika, Sri Lokanath temple, Markandeya Sarovara, Jagannath Vallaba Matha, Jatiababa Asram, Sidha Mahavir.

Golden Beach
Puri beach is famous for its golden sand, surf and sun. Early morning sunrises is a beautiful sight on the beach and even one can see it from their Hotel rooms if you are staying in beach side Hotels.

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