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Sights to See

Kirti Mandir
This memorial to Gandhi was built within the precincts of an old house where Mahatma Gandhi was born. You can visit a small bookshop and photographic exhibition.

Arya Kanya Gurukul

Spread amidst sylvan surroundings, the Arya Kanya Gurukul is an educational institution for girls dedicated to female education in modern India. The institution imparts modern educational systems with an emphasis on science and technology with a blend of rich ancient Vedic heritage.

Bharat Mandir
One of the major attractions of Porbandar, the shrine houses a large map of India engraved on marble.


Attracting visitors in large renumber, the planetarium in Porbandar offers regular shows on astronomy related subjects both in Gujarati and Hindi.
Sudama Mandir
A place of religious importance, the temple dedicated to Sudama, the devoted friend of Lord Krishna, is visited by devotees.

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