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Barda Lion Sanctuary (14 km)
Occupying an area of 200 sq km, this sanctuary is inhabited by the lion, wild boar, panther, spotted deer, sambar, neelgai and monkeys.  The best season to visit this famous wildlife destination is between November and March.

Khambalia Hills and Palace (24 km)
Permission to visit the palace may be obtained from the Secretary, Maharana of Porbandar.

Mul-Dwarka (28 km)
This place is associated with Lord Krishna who is believed to have spent some part of his life here.

Bhuleshwar (35 km)

This temple is partly in ruins. A fair is held here on the last day of Sravana month every year when thousands of pilgrims visit the shrine.

Harshad Mata Temple (38 m)
Dedicated to Har Siddhi Mata, the temple is situated at Marine, an ancient port on a creek.

Madhavpur Temple (64 km)
This is a very sacred place. Legend has it that Lord Krishna’s marriage was solemnized here.  The Madhavrai fair is held every year, on the 9th day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra (Mar/Apr) to commemorate the event.

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