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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 39-27.6 C
Winter: 33. 5-16.6 C

Season :
November to March


Languages spoken
Gujarati, Hindi, English and Sourashtran

STD Code :
0286 .

Tourism Office
Toran Tourist Bungalow,
Tel: 245476.

Tourist Information.
Collector Office,
Ground Floor,
Tel: 2245475

altA picturesque little seaside resort on the west coast of Gujarat, Porbandar is dominated by the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, who was born here in 1869. A famous trade centre inhabited by rich merchants and traders from Africa and the Gulf in the beginning of the Christian era, the town and its surroundings offer whole lot of attractions to a discerning tourist. Also known as Sudamapuri in ancient times, after Sudama, the devoted friend of Lord Krishna, the place is dotted with several religious shrines. The picturesque coastal setting, lovely mangroves abounding in avian population and carefree days go a long way in making Porbandar an enticing destination.
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