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Thal Kedar (16 km)
An important religious centre and also known for its natural beauty.

Dwaj (28 km)
It commands a wide view of the majestic snow clad peaks of the north. There are temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Maa Jayanti.

Rameshwarghat (36 km)
Situated at the confluence of the rivers Ramganga and Saryu, the two principal temples here are those dedicated to Siva and Rama.

Lohaghat (62 km)
Situated at an altitude of 1706 m on the road to Tanakpur, this is an important historical centre of the region.

Abbot Mount and Mayawati Ashram (64 km)
Situated 2 km from Lohaghat, Abbot Mount is noted for its beauty and its extensive view of the northern ranges. The Mayawati Ashram here, headquarters of the Advaita sect, was established by Swami Vivekananda. The ashram is set in beautiful surroundings and commands a view of the high Himalayas.

Jauljibi (68 km)
A picturesque location at the confluence of the rivers Gori and Kali. Every year in the month of November, a fair is held which attracts people from far and wide.

Berinag (102 km)

Once famous for its tea estates, Berinag at an height of 2,298 m offers an excellent view of the snow-capped mountains and is accessible by road.

Champavat (76 km)
Champavat, the ancient capital of the Katyuri and Chand Rajas, is an idyllic resort located in the lush Champa Valley of Kumaon. It was at Champavat that Lord Vishnu is said to have appeared in his tortoise incarnation (Kurmavatar). A small fort and the temples of Baleshwar, Champadari, Ratneshwar and Durga adorn the town of Champavat. The places worth seeing near Champavat are Narsinh Danda, Hingla Devi, Hidimba Ghatotkach temple, Maneshwar, Karanteshwar and the temple of Surya at Ramak village.

Gangolighat (77 km)
An important religious centre housing the famous Hat-Kalika temple.

Dharchula (96 km) Situated on the Kali river on the border of Pithoragarh district, it is an important camp along the Kailash Mansarovar, Chota Kailash and Narayan Ashram route and is accessible by road.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar (91 km)
According to Hindu mythology, the Patal Caves are home of Bhuvaneswara Mahadev and Shesh Nag. The caves have some stalactite and stalagmite formations also.

Chaukori (112 km)
The enchanting and picturesque town of Chaukori is situated in the heart of Pithoragarh district. It offers panoramic view of the Panchchuli peaks. The excursions around Chaukori are Berinag (13 km), Bageshwar (46 km), Gangolighat (38 km) and Kausani (88 km).

Devidhura (121 km)
Situated at an height of 1,615 m, Devidhura is well known for its temple dedicated to Barahi Devi.

Ritha Saheb (124 km)
It is an important religious centre for the Sikhs. The Gurudwara Damdama Sahib here is enclosed by hill peaks on all sides.

Narayana Ashram (130 km)
It is situated on the route to the Kailash Mountains

Punyagiri Temple (130 km)
Punyagiri, located on a high pinnacle overlooking the Sharad River is one of the ‘Shakti Peeths’ (Centres of Power) of Goddess Shakti.

Shyamlatal (132 km)
It is a natural lake at an altitude of 1,525 mand on the bank of which is located the Swami Vivekananda Ashram.

Munsiyari (154 km)
Situated 7,000 feet above sea level, Munsiyari is the base for treks to the Milam, Ralam and Namik glaciers.

Tanakpur (155 km)
Tanakpur is the nearest railhead to Champavat (80 km), Pithoragarh (155 km) and Punyagiri (20 km). Also close to Tanakpur on the Tanakpur-Khatima route lies Nanakmatta, a place of great religious interest for the Sikhs.

Almora (116 km)

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