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Adventure Sport

Munsiyari, (154 km) away from Pithoragarh, is the base for treks to the Milam, Ralam and Namik glaciers

Trekking routes:

Milam Glacier

Munsyari (2290 m) - Lilam - Lilam - Bagudiyar - Rilkote - Burfu - Milam (3500 m)- Milam Glacier Total route: 59 km

Ralam Glacier

Munsyari- Lilam Patan Gaon -Patan Gaon- Sophiya Udiyar - Ralam
Total Route: 45 km

Namik Glacier

Pithoragarh-Bala-Rugaru-Thalagwar-Ranthan via Chafua-Nandakund-Runadhar-Hiramani via Penthang-Namik. Total route: 46 km

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