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Fast Facts

Temperature :
Summer: 40-20C
Winter: 28-06C

Season :
October to March

Clothing :
Light cotton in summer and woolen in winter

Languages spoken :
Hindi and English

STD Code :
Located in the state of Bihar, Pawapuri has existed as a place of spirituality for many centuries, and remains one of the most sacred sites of Jainism. Pawapuri’s claim to fame lies in being the place where the twenty fourth Tinthankar Mahavir breathed his last, the event known in the Jaina tradition as Kaivalya which is considered to have taken place in 572 BC. According to a legend, the present tank in Pawapuri came into being as a result of removal of the soil following the great demand for Mahavir’s ashes after his cremation by his devotees. Today “Jalmandir”, a beautiful temple of white marble in the centre of the tank, is a magnet for devotees and tourists.
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