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Fast Fact

Summer: 40-16C
Winter: 30C -10 C

Best Season :
Throughout the year

Clothing :
Light cotton in summer and woolen in winter

Languages spoken :
Santhali, Hindi, English

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
A premier destination for a rendezvous with the wild in Jharkhand, Palamau National Park is an undisputed highlight of any trip to the state. Located on the Chota Nagpur Plateau and one of the earliest Tiger projects in India, the entire Palamau Sanctuary occupies an area of about 1026 sq km, while the core area of 232 sq km was designated as Betla National Park in 1989.

The sanctuary which is home to large number of varieties of flora and fauna in the beautiful forests is rich in biodiversity and is indeed a wonderful place to unwind with nature by your side.
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