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Satpura National Park
Set up in 1981, Satpura National Park is 524 Sq.Km. in area.  Pachmarhi’s fascinating natural beauty of deep valleys, high mountains, rivulets, waterfalls combine to give this park unique beauty and a variety of attractions.  The park is home to the Bison, Tiger, Panther, Wild Bear, Four-horned deer, Blue-bull and a rich variety of birds.

Tamia (78 Km)
Over looking the Narmada valley, Tamia is a picturesque holiday and picnic resort on the Satpura range. From the Tamia rest house, the view of the Dudhi Plateau from 330 mts. of sheer overhanging cliffs is one of the most spectacular any where south of the Vindhyas.

Beni Forest (20 Km)
This forest accounts for much of the country’s supply of teak wood and is being developed as a wild life sanctuary. Gaur (bison), barking deer, sambar and wild boar are among the animals found here.

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