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Fast Fact

24 Sq. Km.

1067 Metres.

Summer 35- 19.9°C
Winter 22- 1.0°C

200 cms.

Best Season
September to May.

STD Code

Tourism Centres
India Tourism,
301 Palika Plaza Phase 1,
MTH compound, Indore
 Tel:(0731) 2538222

Regional Office, M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd.
 Amaltas Complex, Pachmarhi. 
Tel: 252100.

M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd.
Tourist Office,
Bus Stand, Pachmarhi.
Tel : 252029.

M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd.
Railway Station,
Tel : 07576 – 223499.

M.P.S.T.D.C. Ltd.
 World Trade Centre,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.
Tel : 022 - 22187603, 32539000,
Telefax : 22160614,
E-mail :,
Website :
Situated at an altitude of 1067 metres, Pachmarhi is a large plateau ringed by hills on the evergreen Satpura range. In the year 1857, Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers was riding in the Satpura ranges and chanced upon this saucer -shaped valley.

He recommended its development as a sanatorium. Being the only hill resort in Madhya Pradesh, it is a popular place for nature lovers and sportsmen. The landscape is characterized by rugged hills, forests and ravines.
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