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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 47.7- 24.9 C
Winter: 24.5 - 9.1C

Best Season :
October to March

Clothing :
Summer- Cotton, light clothing,
Winter - Jackets and Sweaters

Languages spoken :
English and Hindi

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
The Manager,
Betwa Cottages (MPSTDC),
Tel: (07680) 252618.
E-mail :

Sheesh Mahal
Telfax : (07680) 252624
E-mail :

Bhopal Regional Office
Palash Residency,
Near 45 Bungalow, T.T. Nagar,
Bhopal - 462 003.
Tel.: (0755) 2766750,2553006/66/76.
Fax: (0755) 2577441.

Gwalior Regional Office
Tansen Residency, 6-A, Gandhi Road, Gwalior - 474002
Tel.: (0751) 2234557, 4056726
Fax : (0751) 2340371.

Indore Regional Office
42, Residency Area,
Opp.Saint Paul H.S.School,Indore
Tel.: (0731) 2499566
Fax: (0731) 2520466

Jabalpur Regional Office

Railway Station, Jabalpur.
Tel.: (0761) 2677690.
Telefax: (0761) 2677590.


Railway Station, Jhansi.
Tel.: (0510) 2442622.

Khajuraho Regional Office

Tourist Reception Centre, Khajuraho.
Tel.: (07686) 274051.
Fax: (07686) 272330.

Pachmarhi Regional Office
Amaltas Complex,
Near Tehsil, Pachmarhi.
Tel.: (07578) 252100.
Fax : (07578) 252102.

Satna Tourist Office
Railway Station, Satna.
Tel.: (07672) 225471.

altOrchha’s grandeur has been captured in stone, frozen in time; a rich legacy to the ages. For, on the medieval city, the hand of time has rested lightly and the p alaces and temples built by its Bundela rulers in the 16th and 17th centuries retain much of their pristine perfection.

Orchha was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap, who chose this stretch of land along the Betwa river as an ideal site for his capital. Of the succeeding rulers, the most notable was Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo who built the exquisite Jehangir Mahal, a tiered palace crowned by graceful chhatris. From here the view of soaring temple spires and cenotaphs is spectacular.

Complementing the noble proportions of their exteriors are interiors which represent the finest flowering of the Bundela school of painting. In the Laxminarayan Temple and Raj Mahal, vibrant murals encompassing a variety of religious and secular themes, bring the walls and ceilings to rich life. Strewn around the area are the little shrines and memorials, each with its own poignant history, each contributing to the nostalgic beauty that is Orchha.
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