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Kotagiri (29 km)

Mukkurthi National Park (40 km): For lovers of wildlife, it is a must see destination. The Nilgiri tahr, the black buck, the rare Nilgiri marten, the Nilgiri laughing thrush, the great indian pied hornbill and the Nilgiri pippet are just some of the exotic animals and birds which can be found here.

Avalanche (28 km):
The sholas (tropical forests) here are so thick, that sunlight cannot penetrate many areas. Plenty of trout are to be found in the numerous mountain streams which dot the place.

Upper Bhavani (50 km): Some of the best sholas like the Thai Shola lie on the way to Upper Bhavani.

Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary (64 km)


Good trout, carp and mixed water fishing is possible in various streams and lakes in the Nilgiris. Fishing licences, for a fee, are issued by the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Fish Dale, Udhagamandalam.

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