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Fast Fact

Summer: 37-23C
Winter: 30-17 C

Best Season :
September to March

Clothing :

Languages spoken :
Hindi and English

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
MPTDC Tourist Office,
42, Residency Area
Opp. Saint Paul School
Tel: +91-731-2499566

altA pilgrimage place of top order for Hindus, Omkareshwar is a highlight of any trip to the state of Madhya Pradesh. Located on the island of Mandhata or Shivapuri formed by the Narmada river, shaped like the holiest of all Hindu symbols, 'Om', the sacred shrine has always been the focal point of devotion and spiritual yearnings for Hindus for thousands of years.

Omkareshwar is one of the Dwadasa Jyotirlinga shrines or the 12 shrines enshrining Shiva in the form of a Jyotirlingam in the country. Built in the Nagara style, the Omkareshwar temple is characterized by a lofty shikhara. You can also find here shrines dedicated to Annapurna and Ganesha.
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