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Sights to See

Naini Lake
This attribute lake is believed to be one of the emerald green eyes of Shiva's consort, Sati. According to Hindu mythology, when Sati's father insulted Shiva by not inviting him to a family sacrifice, she immolated herself in protest. This infuriated Shiva who gathered the charred remains in his arms and proceeded to engage in ‘tandav’ "dance of cosmic destruction," which threatened the very existence of the world. To terminate the dance, Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe, chopped up Sati’s body into pieces, and the remains were scattered throughout India. The modern Naina Devi Temple at the northern end of the Naini Lake is the exact spot where Sati's eye is believed to have fallen.

Snow View
A visit to the Snow View is a must for all Nainital visitors who want to have a grand view of Nanda Devi, India's second-highest peak. High above the town, Snow View is a hilltop area and 2,235m (7,450 ft.) above sea level. There visitors will find a small marble temple dedicated to Dev Mundi housing images of different gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheons including Durga, Sita, Shiva, Rama, Lakshmana and Hanuman.

Dorothy Seat:
Located at an altitude of 2292 meters and 4 km from the town, Dorothy Seat, also known as Tiffin Top, is set atop the Aryapatta Hill. Here you will find a memorial to an English lady named Dorothy Kellet, believed to have been killed in an air crash. Today the place is a famous picnic spot.


At an altitude of 1951 metres, the place is home to a shrine of immense spiritual activity. From this scenic spot you can have a majestic view of the sunset.

High Altitude Zoo
Located at a height of 2075 meters, it is at a distance of 1.5 km. from the bus station. It is well known for animals that live in high altitudes.

Kilbury is located 2528 meters above sea level and at a distance of 3 km. A forest rest house is available for overnight stay and reservation for the same may be made through the District Forest Office (DFO), Nainital.

Land’s End
A magnificent view of Khurpa Tal and the terraced fields on the hill side.

This peaceful and enchanting spot is situated at the outskirts of Nainital and famous for fishing. The place is 5 km. from Nainital.

Laria Kanta
A picnic spot at an height of 2481 meters with a view of mountain ranges.

Naina Peak
At height of 2610 meters, it is the highest peak around Nainital which can be reached either by trekking or on horse back. There is a four-room log cabin for tourists.

State Observatory

This observatory is devoted to astronomical studies and optical tracking of artificial earth satellites.

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