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Pangot (15 km)
Surrounded by thickly forested hills, this village is a magnet for visitors who wish to indulge in bird watching.

Almora (67 Km.)

Famous for Nanda Devi temple, this hill town is located at an elevation of 5400 feet in the Kumaon Hills. Known for its healthy climate, the place attracts vistors who take the 8 km trek to the Kesar Devi temple amidst picturesque surroundings.

Jageshwar (34 km)

A religious place of utmost importance, Jageshwar is home to a complex of over 150 shrines set gem-like in a narrow riverine valley enclosed by towering deodars. The most important shrines are the Mritynjaya, Jyotirlinga and the Dandeshwar Temple.

Bhowali (11 Km.)

A health resort and famous for a variety of fruits.

Bhimtal (22 Km.)
A large lake in an amphitheatre of hills offers boating, both paddle and row and fishing.

Binsar (96 Km.)

Located 32 Km. from Almora, Binsar is a picturesque summer resort offering great views of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Trishul, Chaukamba, Shivling and Nanda Devi peaks.

Jeolikote (17 Km.)
A health resort and a bee-keeping centre. This place is an attraction for butterfly watchers as well.

Corbett National Park (113 Km.)
One of India’s best known wildlife sanctuaries, the Corbett National Park, lies along the Ramganga river at the foot of the Kumaon hills and named after Jim Corbett, the famous naturalist and the legendary hunter of the man-eaters of Kumaon. This is the first National Park established in India in 1936. In 1973, it was declared as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger.

A scenic hill station. Kausani is connected by road with Almora (50 Km.), Bageshwar (39 Km.); Kathgodam (103 Km.) and Ranikhet (70 Km.).

Naukuchia-tal (26 km)
A lake with nine corners. A good fishing spot and a haven for migratory birds. Yachting, Rowing, Pedal Boating and Swimming are great attractions.

Mukteshwar (51 Km.)

On a ridge some 2,254m (7,513 ft.) above sea level, Mukteshwar boasts dramatic views of the Himalayas, fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest. At the edge of town, on the top of a rock, is century-old Mukteshwar Temple, whose presiding deity is Lord Shiva.

Pithoragarh (188 km)

It borders with China (Tibet) on the North and Nepal on the East. There are charming alpine meadows and glaciers.

Chaukori (112 km)
It famous for its fabulous views of the Himalayas.

Patal Bhuvaneshwar
(91 Km. from Pithorgaradh and 34 km from Chaukori): According to Hindu mythology, the Patal Caves are the home of Bhuvaneswara Mahadev and Shesh Nag. The caves have some stalactite and stalagmite formations also.

This region is paradise for the nature lovers and is the base for the trekkers. A fast developing centre for skiing and winter sports.

Ramgarh (25.75 km)

A picturesque hamlet, it is the home of Kumaon orchards.

Ranikhet (54 Km.)

Situated at an altitude of 1829 mts., Ranikhet is an idyllic hill resort

Sat Tal (21 Km)
It comprises of 7 lakes, the most important one being the Jade green Garud Tal, followed by the olive green Rama Tal and then the Sita Tal. On the banks of Sita Tal is a Tourist Bungalow and a log hut surrounded by wooded hills.

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