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Sights to See

Central Museum
One of the most visited museums in Maharashtra, this eclectic museum is a treasure-trove of specimens related to archaeology, art, anthropology, natural history and geology. It is open on all days except Mondays.
Gandhi Baug, Gorewara Tank,HegdewarSmritiMandir,Kashibai

Temple, Laxmi Narayan Institute of Technology,MaharajBaug and Zoo, Seminary Hills,Sitabuldi Fort; Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir, Statue of Maharani Laxmibai of Jhansi,Nagarkhana, Sukrawar Tank (Gandhi Sagar),Tajabad Sharif,TelahkhediUdyan and TekdiGanapati Temple are other highlights of Nagpur.

Ambazari Lake and Garden
One of the most sought after tourist destination of Nagpur, Ambazari Lake and Gardenis highly admired for its scenic beauty, attracting people for weekend picnic and boating. The garden covers an area of 20 acres and offers the visitors to spend their leisure time with family and friends

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