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Sights to See

Kohima,located at an altitude 1,444.12 m, is the state capital of Nagaland. Kohima is the land of the Angami Naga tribe and is so called because the British could not pronounce "kewhira" (the name of the village) which means "the land where all travellers are welcome". Kohima was the first seat of modern administration as the headquarters of Naga Hills District (then under Assam) in 1879. The Battle of Kohimaduring World War II was a turning point in the Burma Campaign, when the Japanese failed to gain a foothold against the Allies in South-East Asia.

In Kohima
War Cemetrydedicated to the memory of those officers and men who made their supreme sacrifices in the Battle of Kohima in April 1944.

Japfu Peak ( 3048 m) is the second largest peak of Nagaland and is located 15 km from Kohima, boasts of having the tallest rhododendron measuring over 109fthigh and around 11 ft wide at the base. The tree is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records.Enroute to Japfü and Dzükou, for a true off the beaten track experience, one can take a look into some Southern Angami villages such as Jakhama, Kigwema, Viswema, and Phesama to get a taste of Naga culture. Also, the terrace fields carved out of the hills while passing through the National Highway 39 will make every trip worth the visit.

State Museum
has a rare collection of artefacts of the different tribes of the state.

is the largest Cathedral in the whole of North-eastern region and an important landmark of Kohima.

Khonoma Village, located 20 kms from Kohima, in the Dzuku Valley, is known for the valour, courage and the fighting ability of its people in the past.The Khonoma Nature Conservation TragopanSanctuary, spread over 25 sq km, conserves a large variety of rare species of plants and animal.

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