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Dzukou Valley (30 km from Kohima), located at at an elevation of 2,483 m, provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, and is trekkers paradise. It is believed that around 360 varieties of orchids grow on the hillsides and also rhododendrons and a good number of wild flowers, herbs and plants adorn the valley during the monsoon.

Dzulekie is an ideal place for a quiet holiday and in Poilwa Village one can see the remnants of the traditional culture of Morung or the boy’s dormitory.

Touphema Village is known for the Tourist Village that has been developed and maintained by the village community.

Tseminyu is home of the Rengma tribes.

Peren is inhabited by the Zeliang and Kuki tribes.

Dimapur, altitude 260 m, is the commercial hub of Nagaland. The town is connected by air, rail and National Highway No. 39 passes through the heart of the town. It is the ancient capital of the Kachari Kingdom, whose rule existed before 13th century AD. The Ruins of Medieval Kachari Kingdom is a few km away from the Tourist Lodge. North East Zone Cultural Centre Museum is an interesting place for tourists desiring to know the various cultural heritages of the North Eeastern people. Chumukedima, the first headquarters of the then Naga Hills district of Assam during the British rule.ItangkiWillife Sanctuary is around 37 km from Dimapur where one can see of some of the endangered species of birds and animals. Accommodation at Dimapur: Tourist Lodge, Tel: 03862 226355, Hotel Saramati, Tel: 03862234761

Kiphire, is home to the Yimmchunru, Sangtams, Khiamniungam, Phom and SumiNagas is 254 km away from Kohima. 

The highest peak of Nagaland Saramati Peak with an altitude of 3,841 m is located in this district. 

Other attarcations in the district: The villages, caves, stones and geysers of Mimi and Salumi, Sukhayap Cliff, Wawade Waterfall, Yimgphi Village, Stone monolith of Siphi, Mihki, the river of Salt, Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary and International Trade Centre at Mimi. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

MOKOKCHUNG, altitude 1325.08 m,is home of the Ao tribes and is located at 162 km from Kohima, 102 km from Mariani (Assam) and accessible from all the points by bus and taxi. Place to see in Mokokchung are Longkhum, believed to be the temporary resting place of the spirit of the dead before their final journey. Exquisite ethnic handlooms and handicrafts by the expert craftsmen are showcased. Ungma Village regarded as one of the oldest and biggest villages in Nagaland. Langpangkong Cave where the Ahom king is believed to have taken shelter when he fled from Sibsagar (Assam), Molung, the first village where the American Baptist was established in 1878 and Chuchuyimlang, a place where Moatsu, an important festival of the Ao community is celebrated in a traditional way.Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking hotels and paying guest accommodation.

Wokha, altitude 1,313.69,located mid-way between Kohima and Mokongchung (80 km), is inhabited by the Lotha Tribes who are known for their colourful dances and songs. Places to see in and around Wohkhainclude: Mount Tiyi believed by all Nagas of being the abode of the departed souls and Liphanyan Governor’s Camp, an ideal places for river rafting and angling. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

Mon, located at 257 km from Kohima (via Mokokchung) is home of the Konyak tribe who are known for their skilled craftsmanship especially in woodcarvings, guns, gunpowder and headgears. Shangnyu Village is and interesting village worth visiting. Other places of the interest are Naganimora and Veda Peak. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

Tuensang, altitude 1,371.60 mts, located at 269 km from Kohima, is inhabited by six different tribes of the state namely the Changs,Yimchungers, Khiamniungans, Sangtams, Phoms and Semas. Longtrok and Kiphere are places of worth visiting. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

Zunheboto,altitude 1,874.22, located 150 km from Kohima and 70 km from Mokokchung, is home to the Serna tribe of Nagaland. Places to see and around the district are the Satoi Range and the Ghosu Bird Sanctuary. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

Phek, altitude 1,524 m, is located at 145 km from Kohima, is inhabited by the Chakhesang and the Pochury tribes. Places of tourist interest are Khezakenoma Village, Shilloi Lake in the shape of a foot print, and Pfutsero/Glory Peak, with an altitude of 2,600 m in Paktai range, is popularly known for the view it provides of Mount Everest in the west and the highest mountain in Nagaland Mount Saramati in the east. Dzuku Lake and Zanbu peak for trekkers and nature lovers. Accommodation: contact the tour operators or Nagaland Tourism for booking.

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