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Sights to See

National Litchi Research Centre
You can visit the National Litchi Research Centre at Rahua, five km from Muzaffarpur town, to know more about litchi. Jubba Sahni Park, Gandhi Koop on L S College campus, Kamal Shah Mazaar in Purani Bazar and Baglamukhi Mandir in Kachchisarai are other places of interest in Muzaffarpur.

Litchi Gardens

Litchi gardens of Bochaha, Jhapaha and Mushahari are located in a radius of five to seven km from Muzaffarpur.

Baba Garibnath Temple
Also known as ‘Second Baidhnath,” Baba Garibnath Temple is located in the heart of the city. The shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva, attracts devotes in large number.

Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple is another sacred shrine in Muzaffarpur visited by devotees.

Kali Mata Temple
Located on the south banks of "Gandak" river, the shrine was built in 1932 by Darbhanga Maharaj Kamlesh Singh.

Ramna Devi Mandir
Another famous place of pilgrimage, Ramna Devi Mandir attracts large number of devotes throughout the year.

Khudi Ram Bose Memorial
Dedicated to great freedom fighters Khudi Ram Bose and Prafool Chaki, this memorial is a reminiscent of the supreme sacrifice made by people in the attainment of independence.

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