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Kesaria (75 km)
There's a stupa at Kesaria near Motihari which is said to be the tallest and the largest Buddhist sputa in the world. It was discovered in 1998 through excavation by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Patna (70 km)
A city of antiquity, Patna is littered with the ancient remnants of the past. Gol Ghar, museum, Harmandirji and Khuda Baksh Oriental Library are some of the highlights of a tour to this present capital of Bihar.

Vaishali (36 km)
Vaishali attracts visitors who come to this district town in Bihar for a brush with history and spirituality.  The place has antiquities of centuries. One of the greatest cities of the 5th century BC, Vaishali is credited with being the world's first republic to have a duly elected assembly of representatives and efficient administration. The place finds mention in the great epic of Ramayana.

Sonepur (42 km)
Located in Saran district of Bihar, at the confluence of two mighty rivers, the Ganga and Gandak, it is a small town amid picturesque surroundings, close to the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, the longest road bridge in Asia. Sonepur is famous for hosting one of Asia's largest cattle fairs. The month-long event, better known as Sonepur Mela, is held in the month of November every year.

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