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Tea Museum
At Nullathanni Estate. The exhibits include a sundial made in 1913, original 1905 tea roller, burial urn from 2nd century BC, a wooden bathtub, magnet phone, 1909 EPABX, classic furniture apart from photos, curios etc relating to tea. There is also a tea-tasting demonstration room and a mini manufacturing unit.

CSI Church
Located on a hill in the centre of old Munnar, this is a black basalt building with a prominent nave and bell tower. Consecrated in 1910, the church still has its original 14 rows of polished pews and antique chandeliers.

Mount Carmel Church
Established in 1898, this was the first Roman Catholic church in the High Ranges. An interesting facet of Munnar is that on the 3 hillocks which overlook the centre of the town, stand 3 major places of worship-Murugan temple, Mount Carmel church and the Muslim Jamath.

Blossom International Park
The park has a garden with a profusion of blooms and activities such as boating, roller-skating, campfire etc. Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre, Kochi-Munnar NH.
Tea Estates
The main plantation is Tea. Some plantations at an elevation of over 2100 m are amongst the highest in the world.

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