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Maaghi Purnima Mela
The fair is held at Sita Kund every year for a month, beginning on the Maaghi Purnima day. This fair is famous for sale of wooden furniture of all varieties at affordable prices. Traders from Katihar, Purnia and Saharsa in Bihar and UP and Assam participate in the fair along with their products.

It's a hot water spring, the water of which cools only for an hour on the day of Maaghi Purnima. But no one knows at what time the water cools. This hot spring, six km from the district HQ, is now enclosed in a masonry reservoir and is visited by a large number of pilgrims every day, particularly during the full moon of Maagh.

Shivaratri Mela
It is an important fair. Elephants and horses are adorned with ancient attires and costumes. Lakes of people assemble here on Maha shivaratri to watch a special play based on the mythological marriage of lord Shiva with goddess Parvati.

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