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Fast Fact

Summer: 43-21C
Winter: 20-6C

Best Season :
October to March

Clothing :
Summer- Cotton,
Winter - Woollen

Languages spoken :
Hindi, English, Maithili, Urdu

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Quila Gate, Munger
Ph.:+91 6344-222392

Department of Tourism,

Government of Bihar,
Old Secretariat,
Bihar (India)
Tel:+91 612-2234194 / 2215531
Fax:+91 612-2234194
Munger district has a unique historical background. The areas falling under this district are considered a part of the first Aryan settlers' midland. It has been identified with Modagiri, a place mentioned in the epic Mahabharat. It was the capital of a kingdom in eastern India near Bhanga and Tamralipta . There is also a mention of Modagiri in the 'Digvijay Parva' of the Mahabharata, which seems to be the same as Modagiri.

The first authentic historical account of the district finds a mention in the memoirs of Xuanzang who visited a part of this district towards the close of the first half of the seventh century AD.

A copper plate known as the 'Munger Plate' was discovered in Munger way back in 1780. Mir Kasim conquered Munger and made it his capital till the army of East India Company captured Munger. MirKasim had to flee through a tunnel made along the bank of river Ganga near Kastharni Ghat.
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