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Elephanta Caves (9 Km)
Across the Mumbai Harbor, lie the seventh-century rock-cut temples of Elephanta. Once known as Gharapuri, or the Fortress City, the caves are now designated as a World Heritage Site and visited by hundreds of tourists. The Portuguese renamed this island Elephanta after a large stone elephant found near the shore ( the elephant sculpture collapsed in 1814, when the British relocated it to the Victoria Gardens now Mumbai's zoo, where it still stands).

Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves
Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Kanheri Caves 104 sq. km of green hills and forests, this protected area lies near the northern suburb of Borivali. In fact the park was formerly known as the Borivali National Park. There is a Lion Safari Park 500 m inside the entrance and safari rides run daily except Monday from 9 am to 5 pm.The park is also well known for the 109 Kanheri Caves, built between the 2nd and 9th centuries as viharas (monasteries) and chaityas (prayer halls).

Marve, Manori and Gorai (40 km)

North of Mumbai and away from its bustling crowds and pollution are these three beaches that have become popular havens for city’s beleaguered fun lovers. Marve, the closest and the quietest is a lovely little fishing village. There are some beautiful bungalows and up-scale homes belonging to the city's wealthy used mainly as weekend getaways. Low hills along the beach offer you extraordinary views of sunrise and sunset. Gorai and Manori, a little further away, are more crowded with revellers and are famous for all night beach parties.

Bassein (77 Km)
Bassein Fort, now in ruins, was a thriving fortified city from 1534 to 1739 under the Portuguese. The ruins of the Portuguese Fort still stand almost hidden by brushwood and palm groves. Some of the walls and churches can still be seen. About 10 km to the north-west lies Nalasopara village, the capital of the Konkan region from 1500 BC to AD 1300. Many Buddhist relics were discovered here. Nalasopara is believed to have been the birthplace of the Buddha in a previous life. To the north, is the Agar of Agashi and to the south is the Agar of Bassein. An hour drive from Bassein station is the Vajreshwari Temple and Akoli Hot Springs. Also easily accessible is Ganeshpuri with the Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi Mandir, the Bhimeshwar Temple and other ashrams.

Matheran (131 km)
Set in the midst of a stunning landscape on the Western Ghats at an altitude of around 800 m, the place is an eco-sensitive region. With 38 designated look-out points and miles of quiet walks here, Matheran attracts many tourists. A trip to this charming hill station from Neral on the mountain train provides one of the most scenic train journeys in India.

Lonavala & Khandala (101 km)

Located in the western ranges of the Sahyadris, the twin hill resorts of Lonavala and Khandala stand at the top of any tourist’s list. Set in the midst of a dramatic landscape comprising verdant mountains and waterfalls these popular hill stations will surely captivate you.

Alibag (108 km )
A natural abode for travellers, Alibag is a small seaside town on the Konkan coast. Serving as the headquarters of the Raigad district, it is used as convenient base for visiting Kihim and Nagaon beaches and also the Kolaba Fort, a marine fort which is approachable only during low tide. You can enjoy leisurely walks, exploring the different attractions of the place. Magen Aboth Synagogue is one of the highlights of Alibag.

Murud (165 km)
Formerly the capital town of the Sidis of Janjira, Murud is today popular for its alluring beach and an ancient sea fort - the Janjira Fort. Roha (68 Km) on the Konkan Railway is the nearest railhead. One of the most impregnable forts, the 300 year old Janjira Fort is accessible via Rajpuri (3 km) from where boat services are available.

Karnala Fort & Bird Sanctuary (61 km)

12 km from Panvel, on the Mumbai-Pune Highway, Karnala is a birdwatchers’ paradise offering a sight of variety of bird species. About 150 species of birds have been spotted here, 30 of which are migratory.

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