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Sights to See

Aizawl, a 112-year-old city stands on the ridges of steep hills, at an altitude of 1,132 m above sea level. On the east it has Tuiral River, on the north the Durrtlang hills and on the west the Tlawng River. Aizawl, the scenic capital of Mizoram, is the largest city in the state, but still very remote. It is a religious and cultural centre of the Mizos.

In Aizwal:
Bara Bazar where one can see local people in their traditional costumes

Luangmual Handicrafts Centre provides visitors an interesting insight into the Mizo’s handicrafts

The State Museum
has an interesting collection of historical relics.

Durtlang Hills offer visitors a view of Aizawl township

Mini Zoo is home to species of animals and birds found only in the hills of Mizoram

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