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Lunglei (235 km): This is the second largest city and district headquarters and an ideal place for nature lovers for exploring the rich flora and fauna. An image of Buddha was found near Mualchenga village, 50 km from Lunglei. Accommodation: Lunglei Tourist Lodge, Tel: 0372 2342013/ 9436157014

Champhai (194 km): A bustling commercial town, located near the Myanmar border. The town lies 27 km from the Zokhawthar, the border town through which India-Myanmar trade is being conducted. It is a picturesque place and also a convenient base for visiting the neighbouring villages with fabled landmarks and trips into the surrounding forest-clad hills and deep narrow valleys which are rich in flora and fauna. Accommodation: Champhai Tourist Lodge, Tel: 03813 234015.

Reiek village: Located only an hour’s drive from the capital city, this is a typical Mizo village consisting of distinctive traditional huts of the different Mizo sub-tribes. This is also the venue of annual Anthurium festival and the best time to visit is April.

Phawngpui Peak: This is the highest peak in Mizoram, at an altitude of 2,157 m. Popularly known as ‘Blue Mountains,’ it is a garden of orchids, flowering trees like rhododendrons, medicinal herbs and wild flowers. Phawnpui has been declared a National Park covering an area of about 50 sq km due its rich flora and fauna.

Kolasib: A small township lying half way between Silchar and Aizawl.

Vantawng Water Falls: surrounded by lush green tropical forest filled with bamboo groves.

PalakDil: the largest natural lake in Mizoram, covers an area of 1 sq km.

Tamdil Lake (110 km): an ideal picnic spot with facilities for boating.

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