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Fast Fact

Temperature :
Summer: 14.9 - 8.6C
Winter: 6.11 - 1.50 C

Best Season :
March to Middle June and October to December.

Clothing :
Light Woollens & Tropical
Winter- Heavy Woollens

Languages spoken :
Gorkha, Bengali, Hindi, English.

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Tourist Bureau, Government of West Bengal,
1 Nehru Road,
Tel: 2254-050/ 2254-102.

Tourism Centre (Siliguri),
M4 Building, Hill Cart Road, Siliguri
Tel: 0353-2511974/2511979
Fax: 2517561

Darjiling Gorkha Hill Council,
Silver Fir Building,
Mall Darjiling-734 101,
Tel: 2254-879/ 2254-214,
Fax: 2254214.

The climate is congenially cool. Located at an altitude of 1767 metres, Mirik, a beautiful mountain retreat in the outskirts of Darjeeling, makes an amazing holiday getaway in the hills. Far from the crowd that throngs the Mall in Darjeeling, Mirik is a blissfully secluded hill station.

Apart from congenially cool climate, the place offers an amazing view of Mount Kanchanjangha. Put simply, this hill station allures those who long for unhurried pace of life.
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