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Sights to See

The capital of Meghalaya is located in the Khasi hills at an altitude of 1496 m above sea level. This city has been the seat of government since the consolidation of the British administration in this part of India more than a century ago.The city has a charm all its own with natural scenic beauty enhanced by waterfalls, brooks, pine grooves and gardens. The place, the people, the flora and fauna and the climate all combine to make Shillong an ideal resort throughout the year. Shillong is also the headquarters of the North Eastern Council (NEC), the Eastern Air Command the Assam Regimental Centre, the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU). A bench of the Guwahati High Court also functions from Shillong. The North East Telecom Circle-I has its headquarters at Shillong. Shillong is also the Regional Head Quarters of Power Grid for North Eastern Region. NEIGRIHMS, the first and the only Postgraduate Medical Institute in the North Eastern Region and third in the country has been established in Shillong. Shillong also boasts of having the first Indian Institute of Management (RGIIM), in the North Eastern Region and the 7th in the country. The 12th National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has also been setup in Shillong.

In Shillong
Ward’s Lake is one of the most popular tourist spots and adjacent to the lake is the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum.

State Museum exhibits the anthropological and cultural life of the people of Meghalaya and opposite the meseum is the All Saints Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in Shillong.

Lady Hydari Park is named after the wife of Sir Akbar Hydari and close by to the park is the Crinoline Falls & Swimming Pool.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures houses a world class seven storied museum showcasing the rich cultural heritage of north eastern states of India. The skywalk provides the visitors 360 degree view of the city.

Smit Village is an administrative headquarters of the KhyrimSyiemshipand in the centre of the village there is the ING SAD where the queen mother (Syiem Sad) lives.

Shillong Peak is generally believed to be the abode of a powerful deity known as U Lel-Shyllongmeaning Shyllong god.

Elephant Falls lies on the way to Cherrapunjee.

Law Duh is a wonderful place for tourist in search of local colour.

Entomological Museum (Butterfly Museum) is the only known museum in India devoted to moths and butterflies.

Bishop & Beadon Falls can be seen from Nongkwar hill at Mawlai.

Shillong Golf Course is considered as one of the best country.

Archery Stakes run every day at Saw-furlong, Polo Grounds.

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