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Cherrapunjee, renamed as Sohra, is famous for being the heaviest rainfall area in the world and it is dotted with a number of waterfalls such as Nohkalikai Falls, Nohsngithiang (Mawsmai Falls) Kynrem Falls, etc.

Lawkyntang/Law Lygdoh (Mawphlang Sacred grove) is a dense forest grove where the Lyngdoh (chief) used to offer sacrifices and prayers. Jakrem Hot Spring is believed to possess therapeutic qualities.

Umiam Lake, also known as Barapani Lake, is at present the biggest artificial lake in Meghalaya located at a distance of 17 km from Shillong. This is a very popular place for picnics, fishing and water sports. Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC) had started operating water-sports in the area. Also the Orchid Lake resort run by the MTDC caters to the need of the visiting tourists.

Mawjymbuin (Mawjynram cave) one can see water dripping from a breast-shaped stone hanging from the ceiling and falling down a stone resembling the shivalinga.

Ranikor lies to the south of Mawsynram(56 km from Shillong),a fishing spots where huge golden mahaseers, the pride of the anglers, are available. The dark blue deep water of Jadukata offers ample scope for water sports. Mawlynnong Village, the picturesque village located a distance of 90 km from Shillong has earned its reputation as one of the cleanest village in India. The main occupation of the villagers is agriculture and about 82 families living in the Mawlynnong village are responsible in keeping the village surrounding clean.

Mairang is well-known for being the headquarters of U Triot Sing Syiem, Syiem of Nonghklaw (Raja of Nongkhlaw) who raised the battle cry against the British on April 4, 1829. A beautiful memorial is constructed here. Close by to the town lies Kyllang Rock a massive rock of granite that rises 5,400 ft above sea level the surrounding plains located distance of 78 km from Shillong.

Nongkhnum Island that recently created history in Meghalaya as ‘the second largest island in the Asian continent’ after Majuli Island in Assamlies 14 km from Nongstoin, which is the district headquarters of West Khasi hills. The Island is approximately 20 to 25 sq km in area and it is formed by the bifurcation of Kyunshi River into the Phanliang River and Namliang River Thadlaskein Lake traditionally believed to have been made by the army of U SajarNangli by digging their bows and scooping out the mud. U LumSohpetbneng a sacred place of the Khasis. Chibragre is an ideal picnic spot. Nokrek Peak offers an interesting range of orchids including wildlife.

Jowai, located at64 km from Shillong is the headquarters of Jaintia hills and commercial centre.

Nartiang is known for its summer palace of the Jaintia King, the palace is located on a hillock approximately 2 km from Nartiang market. Adjacent to the ruins of the Summer Palace of the Jaintia King in front of the arched gateway of red bricks stands the Durga Temple, which is believed to have been constructed by the King on his conversion to Hinduism. The biggest collection of megalithic stones in single area is found here in Nartiang. Within this collection of stones the tallest  

one was erected by one of the lieutenant to commemorate the glorious victory of the Jaintia King. Syndai Caveonce served as a secured place where Jaintia Kings used to keep their families during strife or war. In around Jowai town one can visit the Monumant of Kiang Nongbah and SyntuKsiar meaning golden flower.

Umlawan Cave, located near Lumshnong village and at a distance of 60 km from Jowai, is been confirmed recently that it is the longest and deepest cave in the sub-continent of the caves explored so far. The Umlawan cave is connected with Kot-Sati and Umsar Caves and forms a length of 21 km and 100 m in depth. Jarain PitcherPlantLake, KrangSuri Falls, TyrshiFalls, IalongPark and Iooksi (Kupli) Park are other attractions of these area.

Bhaitbari, (Garo hills),a place renowned for its historical and archaeological importance.Siju Caves known as Dobahkolor Cave of Bats is located near the Simsangriver.

Balpakram National Park offers a variety of Wildlife.

Sisobibra and Rongrenggiri, Nokrek Biosphere, near Tura Peak (872 m), are places of historical importance.

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