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Devas (37 km)
The place attracts devotees for its hill-top temple of Devi Chamunda.

Maksi (39 km)
Located in the Shajapur district, it is known for Jain shrine.

Nagda (60 km)

Situated on the bank of Chambal River, Nagda is an industrial town with ancient temples.

Agar (66 km)
Once a Princely State, Agar is an ancient archaeological site attartcing history buffs.

Sailana (126 km)
Famous for its cactus garden with over 1,200 species of cactii, it has one of the biggest collections in the world.

Mandsaur (154 km)
Administrative headquarters of the district of the same name the city is fmous for the Ashtamukhi Pashupatinath Temple.

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