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Sights to See

Arthur’s Seat
With the desolate valley stretching on one side and deep green hillocks on the other, Arthur’s Seat is the spot from where one can see the sharp contrast in the Konkan and Deccan landscapes of India. Babington Point, Bombay Point, Connaught Peak, Chinamans Waterfall, Dhobi Water Fall, Elephant’s Head, Elphinstone Point, Helen’s Point, Hunter Point, Kate’s Point, Lodwick Point, Marjorie Point are other places of interest in Mahabaleshwar, Old Mahabaleshwar is famous for its ancient temples of Krishnabai, Shri Ram and Hanuman and the Mahabaleshwar temple after which the town is named.

Venna Lake
One of the main attractions of Mahabaleshwar is the pristine and forest lined Venna Lake. The lush green surroundings of the lake offer a great boating experience. It is also a pleasant experience to explore the lake from the banks.

Lingmala Waterfall
Located at the top of the Venna valley, the waterfall offers a breath-taking view of the perennial flow of water, gushing down from 50-feet.

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