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Kukrail Reserve Forest (9 km)
On the way to Khurram Nagar Ring Road Kukrail Reserve Forest has been developed by the Forest department. Famous for a deer park and a crocodile nursery, the place attracts picnickers in great numbers. Here, you can also spot a variety of birds in their natural habitat.  

Kashishwar Mahadev Temple (15 km)
Situated on Lucknow-Allahabad road at Mohanlalganj, Kashishwar Mahadev Temple is also known as Mohanlalganj Shiv Temple. Established in 1860 by Raja Kashi Prasad, the shrine is a fine specimen of Hindu traditional Vastu art.

Shaheed Smark (Kakori) (22 km)
Known for its Dasheri mangoes, kebabs and Zardozi work, Kakori rose into prominence in the world map in 1925 when some Indian revolutionaries looted the treasury of the British government by stopping a train. A memorial to hose revolutionaries, known as Shaheed Smark, is located here.

Malihabad (30 km)
On Lucknow- Hardoi Road, the place is famous for its variety of delicious mangoes, known as Dussehri.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary (43 km)

Situated on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway, this sanctuary attracts several migratory birds during winter. The best season to visit the sanctuary is between October and March.

Mahadeva (62 km)
This is famous for its ancient Lodheshwar Mahadev Temple. On Maha Shivratri devotees come here in a large number from far and wide.

Samaspur Bird Samctuary (122 km)

Located on Lucknow-Varanasi near Salon in Rae Bareli district, Samaspur Bird Sanctuary is spread on an area of 780 hectare. You can spot here no less than 250 Varieties of migratory birds.

Sandi (130 km)
Located on Hardoi-Sandi Road in Hardoi district the place is home to a bird sanctuary and a large Dahar Lake.

Gola Gokaram Nath (167 km)
Also known as Chotti Kashi ('Little Kashi'), the place is a famous religious place known for its ancient Lord Shiva Temple. There are many other shrines and a large sacred pond.

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