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From Lonavala
Karla Caves (11 km):
Located in Karli, Karla Caves are an important archaeological site containing the largest Chaitya in India as well as several viharas or monasteries built over the period from 2nd century BC to 10th century AD. Some of the finest specimens of Buddhist rock-cut architecture, these caves are visited by large number of people.

Bhaja Caves (12 km):
This group of 22 Buddhist caves is believed to have been excavated in the 2nd century BC.

Bedsa Caves (23 km):
Like the Karla Caves, these Buddhist rock-cut caves were excavated in the 1st century BC.

Lohagad Fort (20 km):
Located at an altitude of 1,025 m, the fort is perched on an enormous cliff of sheer rock in the Sahyadris hills.  Visapur Fort and Korigad Fort are situated also in the vicinity.

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