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Sights to See

Situated 9 km from Leh on the road to Hemis, Choglamsar is a Tibetan refugee settlement known for a children’s village and a handicraft centre devoted largely to carpet weaving. The Central Institute of Buddhist Studies is a main training place for Buddhist monks in Ladakh. The Dalai Lama's prayer ground, known as Jivatsal, is an oasis of peace. Monasteries of Spituk, Sabu and Sankar are an added attraction here.

Beacon Highway

An amazing stretch of road from Leh into Nubra valley over an altitude of 5606 metres, Beacon highway is the highest road in the world. The road is open only during the months of Sepetember and October. For the foreigners the road is closed year round since the Nubra Valley is in restricted area and can only be visited with special permission.

Leh Khar Palace
The palace stands like a sentinel overlooking the town. Inside there are old wall paintings depicting the life of Buddha.

Leh Monastery

The monastery houses a solid golden statue of the Buddha, painted scrolls, ancient manuscripts and wall paintings.

Leh Mosque
 Built by Singe Namgyal as a tribute to his Muslim mother, the mosque, an exquisite work of Turko Iranian architecture, stands majestically in the main bazaar.

Namgyal Tsemo Gompa
One of the royal monasteries, Tsemo Gompa, near the palace, is known for its two storeyed statue of Chamb Buddha in a sitting posture.

Sankar Gompa
The only monastery built on valley level, Sankar Gompa is the seat of the yellow sect of the Buddhists.

Spituk Monastery
The gompa also houses a collection of ancient masks, antique arms and an awe inspiring image of Mahakal. The face of this image is kept covered and is unveiled in the annual festival of Spituk in January.

Stok Palace Museum

The palace of the banished royal family in Stok is now converted into a museum which displays fabulous costumes and jewellary of the royalty along with exquisite thankas.

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