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Turkpatti (17 Km)
East of Kushinagar, at Turkpatti, two statues of Sun God dating to 4th & 8th centuries were recovered along with a Sun Temple.

Pawanagar(22 Km)

It is said that while coming to Kushinagar from Vaishali, Lord Buddha had stopped here. According to the Jain texts, this is the place where Lord Mahavira attained salvation. A big festival is held here on the day following Deepawali.

Lumbini (178 Km)
Lumbini (Nepal) is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Gorakhpur (51 km)
At Gorakhpur is the Govt. Museum, which has an excellent collection of Thanka paintings and relics of Lord Buddha. Gorakhnath Temple is one of the most prominent and magnificant temples of this area. A month-long "makar Sankrant Mela" is orgnanised here every year from the 14th of January. Geeta Press, the famous publisher of religious books, is located here. Lord Vishnu Temple, Kusumi Vinod Van, Geeta Vatika, Ram Garh Tal are some of the other attractions.

Tarkulha Devi Temple (65 Km)
This place is closely associated with the freedom struggle of India. The Shaheed Smarak Park and museum are worth visiting.

Maghar (78 Km)
The great poet-saint Kabirdas breathed his last here. His Mazar and Samadhi stand side by side. A festival is held here on Makar Sankranti (January).
Kapilvastu (Piprahwa)

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