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Mirik, a beautiful mountain retreat in the outskirts of Darjeeling, makes an amazing holiday getaway in the hills. Far from the crowd that throngs the Mall in Darjeeling, Mirik is a blissfully secluded hill station.

One of the most famous hill stations in West Bengal that has been holding a magical allure for travellers is Kalimpong located in Darjeeling district of the state. A stunning destination for travellers of all stripes, Kalimpong is 2 1/2 hours from Darjeeling.

Located 38 km from Darjeeling in the blossom of green mountains with perennial streams, Bijanbariā€™s beauty is dear to the people visiting this wonderful town in West Bengal. Situated at an altitude of 760 m above sea level, this hill station allures those who long for unhurried pace of life.

Situated 34 km from Kalimpong, Lava is a small town at the height of 7016 feet gateway to the Neora Valley National Park, the place is rich in flora and fauna and suitable for natural excursions, bird watching and wild life. Lava is also home to a Buddhist monastery.

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