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Fast Fact

Summer: 23.5 -15.5 C
Winter: 10.0 -1.0 C

Best Season :
March to mid June & September to mid December

Clothing :
Summer- Light woollens ,
Winter- Heavy woollens

Languages spoken :
Gorkha, Tibetan, Bengali, Hindi, English.

STD Code:

Tourist Office:
Tourist Bureau,
Government of West Bengal,
1 Nehru Road,
Tel: 2254-050/ 2254-102.

Tourism Centre (Siliguri),
M4 Building, Hill Cart Road,
Tel: 0353-2511974/2511979
Fax: 2517561

Darjiling Gorkha Hill Council,
Silver Fir Building,
Mall Darjiling-734 101,
Tel: 2254-879/ 2254-214,
Fax: 2254214.

West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation,
3/2, B.B.D.Bag (East),
Kolkata-700 001, Tel: 2248-5917.)
With an altitude of 1458 metres, a pleasant climate throughout the year, rolling hills with tea estates, relics of the colonial era and an unhurried pace of life, it's not difficult to see what lures the tourists to the picturesque hill-station of Kurseong, 32 km from Darjeeling.

Kurseong, meaning “the Place of White Orchid,’ is noted for its secluded charm and Eagle's Crag which offers a commanding view of the undulating plains below. Because of its lower elevation, the place enjoys a milder and very healthy climate throughout the year. Here you will find some fine specimens of colonial architecture.
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