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Kudamaloor (20 km)
Kudamaloor, on the banks of River Meenachil is known for its wonderful rural ambience. The place is famous for the Vasudevapuram Temple, known for its mural paintings. The Eeraveeswaram Mahadeva temple is another famous temple in the locality. There are remnants of a fort near the temple. The raised platform and the gaps on the walls stand testimony to the fact that the cannons were once fired from this fort.
The Kudamaloor St. Mary’s Church is seen as a symbol of religious amity. It was built by the Chembakassery king in AD 1125. The architecture of the church combines Indian and Western elements.

Aymanam (10 km)
About eight km from Kottayam, Aymanam is a beautiful place. With Lake Vembanad bordering its western side and the River Meenachil flowing through it, the village has been abundantly blessed with Nature’s bounty. Rice fields cover two-thirds of the village. As in any Kuttanad village, the paddy fields lie below sea-level.

Kallara (16 km)
About 20 km north-west of Kottayam town, it is a centre of the screw pine mat-making industry. Visitors come to this scenic place to see the backwaters of Ezhumanthuruth, the ancient temples and churches, the crisscrossing canals and the paddy fields.

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