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Sights to See

Raghunathjee Temple
The shrine of Raghunath temple is a famous travel destination in Kullu. The present structure was founded in 1660 AD by Raja Jagat Singh. Tradition has it that as a penance for his sins the Raja brought an image of Lord Ram from Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram, in the state of Uttar Pradesh to bring a statue of the Lord. The statue was enshrined in the Raghunath temple.

Jagannath Temple
Another famous shrine in Kullu is the Jagannathi Devi. Located 3 km from Kullu in the Bekhli village, the auspicious   Jagannathi Devi attracts pilgrims from every part of India. Pilgrims have to walk for an hour and a half to reach Jagannathi Devi but be assured it would be a wonderful experience. Apart from being beautiful, Jagannathi Devi provides a majestic view of the Kullu valley below.

Other Temples
The Vaishno Devi temple and the Vishnu temple at Dayar are other important shrines around Kullu.

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