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Fast Fact

Summer: 38 -23 C
Winter : 30 -17 C

Best Season :
September to March

Clothing :

Languages spoken :
Tamil, English

STD Code:

Tourist Office:

altKrishnagiri district is an important tourism destination for religious shrines, museum and bewitching landscape. The district has the distinction of accommodating archeological sites dating back to the Neolithic, Monolithic and Paleolithic ages. The area that constitutes the present day Krishnagiri came under the control of various dynasties including Pandyas, Cholas, Cheras, Nulambas and Bijapur.

Endowed with natural bounties like an exquisite array of green valleys, hills and lake, Krishnagiri is the most convenient base for visiting other interesting places in the district. The indigenous tribal folks living n the forest of Denkanikottai with their rich and varied customs, traditions attract visitors from far and wide.
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