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Fast Facts

Summer: 21 - 18 C
Winter: 6.3 - 5.1 C

April to June and September to October

STD Code:

Tourism Office:
TTDC Sales Counter,
Wenlock Road,
Udhagamandalam- 643 001
Tel: 0423-2443977
Set amidst the serenity of the Nilgiri Hills, Kotagiri is a small hill resort surrounded by lush tea estates. Kotagiri, situated 1,983 m above sea level, has a climatic advantage over Udhagamandalam or Ooty, as it is shielded by the Doddabetta ranges from the onslaught of the monsoons. Retaining the essence of hill magic and charm, the resort offers year-round clement weather and sylvan charm.
It is the third largest and the oldest hill station in the Nilgiris. Like all hill stations in India, this also has had strong presence of the British Raj. It has a Kota temple in the middle of the town, even though the Kota tribes have long moved out.
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