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altGanapatipule (50 km):
The venerated ancient temple of Shree Ganapati, believed to be 400 years old is situated here. It is built in a colossal rock on the shore and the idol is believed to be “Swayambhu”. Ganapatipule has a beautiful unspoiled beach. Malgund, a small village about 1 km away from Ganapatipule, where the memorial of the famous Marathi poet, KaviKeshavsoot, built by the Marathi SahityaParishad, is also worth a visit. OmkareshwarMandir and PrachinKonkan Museum are other attractions.

altSindhudurg(195 km):

Sprawling over an area of 5,207 sq km Sindhudurg comprises sevenprovinces - Malvan, Kankavali, Devgad, Vaibhavwadi, Kudal, Vengurla and Sawantwadi. Ideal especially for beach tourism, Sindhudurg is well connected with various parts of the country by the Konkan Railway. It is named after one of the favourite sea forts of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire. A beautifully developed coastline, Malvan is famous for the Sindhudurg Fort built by ChhatrapatiShivaji. The journey from the pier to Fort takes just 5 minutes. Boat charges Rs. 25 (round trip). Also Malwani cuisine is well known all over India. The Marine Sanctuary here covers an area of 29.25 sq km and is rich in coral and other sea life.

Pawas (25 km):
Pawas is known for the Ashram of Swami Swarupananda which is home to an ancient Shiva temple with its five tiered Deepmala and a SwayambhuGanapati formed on the trunk of a tree.

Jaigad (33 km):

Jaigad creek is dotted with fishing villages and palm fringed beaches. It also has a tiny fort, part of which is now converted into a traveller’s bungalow. The ancient temple of Karateshwar lies 1.5 km from the fort.

Dapoli (157 km):
This town is famous for mango farms and its mango market. The place is home to the KonkanKrishiVidyapith and Sane Guruji Institute. The nearest railhead for Dapoli is Khed (27 km) on the Konkan Railway.

Purnagad (40 km):
The place is home to a ruined fort, from where you can have breath-taking view of the sea. Enroute visit the Samadhi and ashram of Swami Swarupananda at Pawas.

Harnai (174 km):
This seaside resort is visited by the tourists for its palm fringed beaches - Harnai Beach and Murud Beach. Siddhi VinayakGanapati, Durgadevi Temples and Suvarnadurg Fort are other attartciosn here. 15 km away from Harnai, Anjarle Village is also a popular beach resort.

Sangameshwar (74 km)
Sangameshwar, the confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Varuna, is a sacred place for the devotees.

Chiplun(95 km):

Nestled in scenic surroundings and ringed by the higher hills of the Western Ghats, Chiplun, meaning "The abode of Lord Parshuram", is an industrial town catering to mostly pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Chiplun is home to the fort of Govalkot, on the top of which is a hotel run by the Taj Group of Hotels. Places around Chiplun are Koyna Dam (43 km) and Marleshwar (65 km), DervanShivshrusti (20 km) and Guhagar (45 km ) 18 km fromGuhagar, Velneshwar is a small seaside resort with a Shiva temple. Hedvi (20 kmfrom Guhagar) has s a temple dedicated to Dasabhuj Lakshmi Ganesh and a beach.

Devgad is famous for its temples, fort and a beach. Among the places of interest in Devgad include Gajbadevi and Vimleshwar Shiva temples, Devgad Beach, ruins of the Devgad Fort and modern windmills. Devgad is also well known for the Alfonso mangoes. In the south, between Devgad and Kunkeshwar is the Tara Mumbri Beach. A large number of tourists visit this beach in the night to watch a rare phenomenon known as phosphorescence and to see porpoises playing in the sea.

Kolisare (50 km):
Located40 km from Ganapatipule, this incredibly scenic place is famous for LaxmiKeshavMandir

Kunkeshwar in DevgadTaluka is an important pilgrim centre in Konkan region and is also famous for its fine and silver sand beach. On the beach is the Hemadpanthi Shiva Temple built in 1650.

Situated at the confluence of the river Karliand the Arabian Sea, it is the most beautiful beach of Maharashtra and a scenicplace, away from the city life. The water is so clear that the seabed upto a depth of 15 ft can be seen. Places of interest include, Tarkarli Beach, Tarkarli Creek – a bird watcher’s paradise, Kolamb Beach, Ahra Beach, Newali- Bhogwe Beach which can be reached by ferry, Sindhudurg Fort (6 km), Deobagh Beach (7 km), Dhamapur Lake (20 km).

On the Mumbai Goa National Highway,Kudal is a scenic town on the river side. Places of interest include the Agriculture Research Centre and Kudaleshwar Temple.

Erstwhile royal seat of Bhonsale Dynasty, Sawantwadi is famous for handicraft items such as ganjifa card, lacquered furniture, wooden toys, etc. Places of interest in Sawantwadi are the Palace of Bhonsales and MotiTalaoor pearl lake.


This seaside town is located 524 km away from Mumbai. Vengurla’s coast line is dotted with some of the most exotic and virgin beaches in Maharashtra. Places of interest in Vengurla are the light house, Fruit Research Centre, Vengurla’s Market, Sagareshwar Beach, Vayangani Beach, Mochemad fishing village and beach.

Engulfed by dense forests and steep valleys, the tranquil hill resort of Amboli is situated at an altitude of 690 m in the ruggedly sculpted Sahyadris. The breath-taking mountain range, the spectacular waterfalls, the mist clad Konkan at the bottom of the hills, Amboli presents some of the best panoramic views of the region. Places of interest include, Mahadevgad (fort), Narayangad, Nangartas Waterfalls, Sunset Point and other view points, etc.

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