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Sights to See

Sun Temple
The grandest achievement of the Odisha style of architecture, the Sun Temple is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though much of this colossal structure now lies in ruins, the standing porch is still a mute memorial to one of India’s greatest architectural marvels. The magnificent temple, designed as a gigantic chariot of the Sun God, is a feast for the eyes, a repository of art forms and culmination of the Kalinga School of Temple Architecture. The chariot, with 24 giant wheels carrying Surya, the Sun God, across the heavens hauled by seven mighty and stunningly carved horses, is caught in the mute symphony of stone.Konark completes the “Golden Tringle” formed with Bhubaneswar and Puri.

The natyasala of the KonarkNatyaMandap is the replica of the Sun Temple, which provides just the right kind of ambience for artists, connoisseurs and art lovers from all over the country and abroad. The objectives of the KonarkNatyaMandap are to preserve, promote and project the rich cultural heritage of Odisha through organisation of dance, music and cultural festivals all-round the year(on demand).Tel: 94372 31646.


Chandrabhaga Beach
Located 3 km from the Sun temple, along the Puri Road, the Chandrabhaga Beach is quiet and peaceful, and you can get to watch local fishing fleet at work. The sunrise at this beach is a feast for the eyes.

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