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Shantiniketan (200 km):
Bengal`s revered poet, writer, artist and nationalist Rabindranath Tagore spent a large part of his life at Shantiniketan. The school set up by Tagore in 1901 has developed into the much famed Viswabharati University.

Vishnupur (152 km):
The capital of the Malla kings in the 16th century,Vishnupur has rich historical relics and beautiful terracotta temples. Vishnupur has also gained popularity for its famous terracotta handicraft items and silk.

Mayapur (133 km) :
The centre of the ISKCON movement, Mayapur is thronged by hundreds of devotes. The beautiful Chandradoya temple is the main landmark.

Digha(185 km)

Murshidabad (219 km):
The City of Murshidabad gained importance at the hands of MurshidKuli Khan. Among numerous interesting monuments the “HazarDuari” Palace or the palace with 1000 doors is most impressive. A grand architectural edifice the palace has now been converted into a museum.

Malda (349 km):
A business centre in North Bengal, Malda has a rich historical legacy. The archaeological remains of the fort and mosques at Gour and Pandua, dating back to the period between 7th and 16th century, is a must-see.

Sunderban (131 km)

Bakkhali (132 km):
The white sand beaches of Bakkhali are unspoilt and have a pristine charm of its own.

Bagnan (55 km):
The Ananda Niketan Kirtishala is an unique museum celebrating the rural heritage of the area. The Museum is a rich repository of early terracottas, terracotta plaques from old temples, sculptures, carvings, etc. spread over eight galleries. The terracotta exhibits are from 3rd Century BC to 3rd Century AD and Stone Sculptures date from 10th Century AD to 12th Century AD. The Museum is located on National Highway 6. Nearest Railway Station is Ghoraghata on the Howrah- Kharagpur Section of South Eastern Railway. The Museum is open from 11 AM to 5 PM all days and closed on National Holidays. Entry Fee: Indian Rs 5/- Foreigner: Rs 50/-

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