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Doctor's Delight (10 km): This old bluff, located just 3.2 km from the Pillar Rocks, is on the way to Berijam Lake and commands a fine view.

Dolmen Circle (18 km from the Lake): This is said to be the site of ancient settlements.

Berijam Lake (21 km): This lake supplies drinking water to the Periakulam town. It is an angler's delight and abounds in trout. Permission for fishing has to be obtained from the fisheries department.

Perumal Peak (20 km): Though the peak is often surrounded by mist, on a clear day it commands one of the finest views of the valley below.

Kukkal Caves (40 km): This is a site inhabited by the earliest known tribes who lived here, the Paliyans.

Thalaiyar Falls: Also known as the Rat Tail Falls, these waterfalls, at 975 feet in height, are counted as one of the highest in the world.

Palani (64 km): Palani is famous for two great temples: the ancient Thiru Avinangudi temple, celebrated in song and story, located at the foot of the hill; and the more recent and popular Sri Dandayudhapani temple, dedicated to Lord Subramanya, on top of a 140 m high hill. One of the six abodes of Lord Subramanya, the deity was created by an ardent devotee of the god called Bhogar out of an amalgamation of nine poisonous minerals.


Accommodation: New Tirupur Lodge, Adivaram, Tel: 04545-242303; TTDC, West Giri Street, Opp Winch Station, Tel: 04545 241156.

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