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Fast Facts

Summer: 25.3 -13.5 C
Winter: 10 -02 C

April to Mid-June, Mid-Sept to Mid-October

Clothing :
Summer- Light warm clothes Winter- Heavy woollens

Languages spoken:
Hindi, English, Punjabi.

STD Code:

Tourism Centres:
Himachal Pradesh Tourist Information Office,
36.Janpath, Chanderlok-Building,
New Delhi.
Tel: 223324764, 223325320,
Fax: 23731072,
Website :

India Tourism, 88, Janpath, New Delhi.
Tel: 23320008 / 23320005,
Fax: 23320109 ;
With an altitude of 3647 metres, an average temperature of just 15 degrees Celsius and relics of the colonial era, dawns often bathed in early-morning mist, it's not difficult to see what lures the tourists to the beautiful hill-station of Kasauli nestled in the Shivalik hills.
With a mix of pine and oak trees as well as a large number of neat gardens and orchards, Kasauli, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, offers an ideal escape from the steaming plains of northern India.
Its history, coupled with the pleasant temperate mountain climate and beautiful scenic grandeur, gives it the feel of a colonial charm which, in fact, it once was.
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